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Always striving to offer new and exciting services and expand our portfolio, we have invested in our very own state of the art machines and software which allow us to design and print RHINESTONE & SPANGLE HOT FIX MOTIFS here in our UK facility.

We are encouraging our customers to suggest their design ideas and take advantage of our bespoke service. Alternatively please take a look at our own amazing range here..

Take a look at our range of spangle and rhinestone colours and sizes below..

To learn more contact us on 0161 975 9002 or email


  1. Remove the clear film from the back of the Hotfix Motif

  2. Place Hotfix Motif on the material in the required position

  3. Set your iron to a high setting (wool/cotton) and turn steam off.

    Turn over the fabric onto the reverse and cover with a thin cotton cloth.

    Iron with firm, even pressure. Do not wiggle the iron as this may cause stones to loosen or move.

    Heat for at least 30 seconds per position. Ensure all the stones are heated and have had pressure applied.

  4. Let the plastic cool slightly. Gently and slowly peel the clear film away.

    If any stones have lifted, lay the clear film back down and re-iron where the stones were lifted.

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