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Logo Selector

Create a truly unique fabric with your own striking logo using the Friedman’s Logo Selector.

Friedman’s offer a bespoke design service to really make your logo pack a punch. Simply follow the steps below to get started!

First you will need to choose two layout options for the positioning of your logo.

Secondly, select which ground style you would like to see. We can either use a solid colour ground or any print from our tremendous collection of over 1000 designs.

Spark your creative juices and put your logo in the spotlight!

Step 1: Select Layout Style

Look through the example layouts below and select two options to use for your logo design. 

Layout 1: Square

Layout 2: Brick

Layout 3: Half-Drop

Layout 4: Diagonal

Layout 5: Multi-Directional, Single Size

Layout 6: Multi-Directional, Multi-Size

Layout 7: Horizontal, Multi-Size

Step 2: Select Ground Style

You can select either a solid colour or a print design for the background of your logo design. 

Select Solid Ground Colour

There are three ways in which you can select a solid colour for the ground of your logo design. 

  1. You can select a colour from our ColourME Palette of 100 colours (shown left). Please contact us for a printed version on your desired base cloth.
  2. You can select a colour from one of our existing print designs. Simply give us the code and name of any print on and let us know which colour within the design you would like. 
  3. Choose a colour from one of our plain dyed fabrics. Please note that due to technical differences between printed polyester and dyed nylon it is not always possible to match plain dyed colours exactly. 

Examples of these are shown below. 

Solid Ground Colour: Examples

Select Print Design for Ground

Friedman's offer over 1000 different print design options. Here are sixty of your most popular designs selected as backgrounds for logo designs. 

Send us the grid reference of your desired background or select from our website and send us the code. Recolours are possible for a small additional charge. 

Print Design Ground Colour: Examples

To learn more please contact us on 0161 975 9002 or email