Print Base Guide

Printing with Friedmans comes with great flexibility for our customers. We offer a choice of print bases to suit a range of purposes; each base has unique properties and features, all are stretch fabrics. A selection of the print bases on offer follow, however more are available so please contact us if you are looking for something specific.


Width (Printed)

Weight (Unprinted)


PF 1001 Matt - FLEX (FLEXCITE)

145 cms

190 g/m²

82% Polyester 
18% Lycra

Our most popular print base, an all-rounder in performance and quality.  190gms in weight so suitable for most disciplines. 18% Xtralife lycra allows freedom of movement for your comfort. Flex has a matt finish allowing our prints maximum vibrancy. It will flexcite !

PF 1002 Shiny – GLEAM

145 cms

200 g/m²

80% Polyester 
20% Lycra

This glossy polyester is an ideal print base option for those looking for extra shine.

PF 1003 Matt - TITAN

145 cms

250 g/m²

87% Polyester 
13% Lycra

A true champion in the range. With 13% Lycra offering a firm stretch coupled with its extra heavyweight to provide true comfort and support. This is a popular choice for customers wanting White Lycra in their creation. A heavier weight print base option for when discretion is fundamental. This base has a lower elastane content than our regular Flex base allowing for a firmer stretch to give great support. Titan also offers branded xtralife lycra and excellent shape retention. A perfect fit solution !


145 cms

190 g/m²

78% Polyester 
22% Lycra

An environmentally responsible fabric made from recycled yarn from waste material destined for landfills. Chosen to preserve resources such as oil and energy needed to manufacture new materials. 

PF 1005 Matt - NET

145 cms

115 g/m²

83% Polyester 
17% Spandex

A light weight net that offers good stretch and a floaty drape. A subtle base that offers additional versatility to our base options.

PF 1006 Matt – AFFINITY

145 cms

170 g/m²

100% Polyester 

Made of 100% polyester this fabric offers exceptional longevity so is appropriately named Affinity. This PBT, or polybutylene terephthalate, fabric has excellent stretch and elasticity; additionally it is quick-drying and has low-water absorbency

PF 1007 Matt - VELVET

145 cms

190 g/m²

90% Polyester 
10% Spandex 

A luxurious print base. Colours appear deeper and richer. The smooth velvet feels great against the skin.

PF 1009 Matt - THERMO

145 cms

250 g/m²

85% Polyester 
15% Elastane 

A brushed techno-fabric, particularly pleasant on the skin. The brushing treatment increases its thermal insulation power creating a protective cushion feeling. Naturally moisture wicking and ideal for keeping your body temperature steady.

PF 1010 Matt - PEACH

145 cms

200 g/m²

81% Polyester 
19% Elastane 

With a touch so extremely soft and delicate we liken it to the skin on the softest peach. A comfortable and perfect fit under any circumstance. This fabric is highly UV protective (UPF 50+).

PF 1011 Matt - Microfibre

150 cms

120 g/m²

100% Polyester

Microfibre, peached and with water repellent. A rigid fabric.

 PF 1012 Matt - Revolution  152 cms  190 g/m²

80% Polyester 
20% Elastane 

An extra-white, ultra-matt techno-fabric made of polyester which is ideal for transfer printing thanks to its ability to enhance the brightness of colors
 PF 1013 Matt - Spider  150 cms  150 g/m²

82% Polyester 
18% Elastane 

An innovative micro-mesh fabric made of polyester, ideal for transfer printing. Being made of polyester and featuring an open structure, it is naturally moisture wicking and prevents the spreading of bacteria which may generate bad smell.


Technical Specification details prior to a print or foil application.

Please note due to the numerous different Industries we supply, we cannot perform tests to everyone’s requirement therefore we strongly recommend you carry out your own tests

To improve our products, we reserve to modify these, as and when necessary.

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