Crushed Velvet

Friedman’s supplies a popular range of crushed velvet stretch fabric that is soft, bright, glossy and available in 19 different colours, including: ● lilac; ● forest green; ● jade; ● wine; ● cerise; ● fluorescent orange; ● black. This fabric is made up of 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane and weighs 210g/m2. It contains Lycra Xtra Life, Lycra Sport and Lycra Beauty fibres, meaning it offers much higher resistance to heat and chlorine, as well as improved shape recovery and added comfort. It is also pilling resistant and offers four-way stretch, as well as excellent coverage and UV protection. These technical properties, combined with the great look and feel of the fabric, mean they are ideal for adding a touch of glamour to a dance or ice skating costume. However, the fabric’s versatility means it can be used for a whole host of other hobbies, sports and projects. Many of our customers like to offer this fabric with the Galaxy [LINK] foil, for a little extra sparkle without losing the benefit of the crushed effect. View our range of crushed velvet stretch fabric today and request a free sample to ensure it meets your needs:
In the decades since the company’s inception in 1962, Friedman’s has made a name for itself as a cutting-edge stretch fabric supplier that builds great relationships with customers. We do this by putting their needs first and giving them access to the highest quality stretch fabric at competitive prices. Our desire to invest in the latest design technology means businesses can take advantage of this high quality quicker than ever before. We invest in digital printing, the latest CAD/CAM software and state-of-the-art inkjet printers because we believe you shouldn’t be limited in the colours you are able to use. Enabling us to also offer full Photographic quality. Your ideas can become reality. Have a question for us? We are always happy to speak to those who want more information about our stretch fabric range. Call 0161 975 9002 or complete our online contact form.