Friedmans, sole distributor of Carvico products in the UK

Friedman’s Ltd, a stretch fabric specialist with sole distribution rights to Carvico products within the UK.

We offer a digital print facility alongside wholesale distribution of plain solid products. Please take a look at our product range on our website

Friedman’s are parent company to Funkifabrics is a wholly-owned subsidiary retailer of Friedman’s Ltd and offer all the fabrics that Friedman’s sell, with the ability to order in much smaller quantities.

The Friedman’s product range is based on continuity and we therefore offer our own colour palette in the most popular Carvico product ranges. Please follow this link to our website for a list of the plain product ranges stocked. Please also take a look at our print base guide / options, via this link.

Friedman’s products have been re branded, therefore please see the conversion list so you can translate to the Carvico product name.

Plain Fabric Options



Velvet, Smooth

361 Panama

Velvet, Crushed

364 Aldabra

Matt Nylon Lycra

372 Morea

Shiny Nylon Lycra

544 Sumatra

Life Recycled

390 Vita


Sole N




204 Siviglia


616 Atlanta Plus


450 Vuelta


304 Igloo


394 Riviera       


814 Darwin      


257 Monaco    


488 Colorado


Print Base Options



PF 1001 Matt – FLEX (FLEXCITE)

314 Brisbane

PF 1002 Shiny – GLEAM

309 Tobago

PF 1003 Matt – TITAN

304 Igloo

PF 1004 Matt – LIFE Recycled Polyester

395 Vita PL

PF 1006 Matt – AFFINITY

814 Darwin

PF 1009 Matt – THERMO

452 Dolomiti

PF 1010 Matt – PEACH

485 Colorado PL

PF 1012 Matt -  REVOLUTION

403 Revolution Shiro

PF 1013 Matt – Spider

720 Spider PL


Friedman’s import a weekly trailer from Italy, therefore any products not currently available on our website are still fully and quickly accessible via this facility.

Please let us know for which products you would like to receive a sample/hanger. Please use the Friedman’s website and Carvico website as a reference tool so that you can share specific Friedman’s or Carvico product names or codes.

Friedman’s wholesale minimum order policy is 20mtrs of a single item or 50mtrs of assorted items; in units of no less than 10mtrs (e.g. 5 x 10mtrs). Via Friedman’s Carvico offer a sample service also, after which full rolls will need to be ordered for products not stocked here in the UK.

When making price enquiries, please share details of the desired product(s) and the approximate quantity required.

Please do not hesitate to ask any further questions. If you cannot find what you need, please let us know, we offer a library of knowledge and a wealth of expertise! contact us..