TS182 Multi Star Multi / Silver Galaxy


We don't show prices on our website as we prefer to create a bespoke price list for each individual customer based on their unique requirements. Contact us to find out more.

This print is produced digitally, the results of which are greater clarity and depth of colour.

Prints are available on a choice of stretch fabric bases, each one with a list of features; ensuring we have an option to meet everyone's specification. Key properties of our regular base "Flex" follow, however details of all print base options can be found within our dedicated Print Base Guide.

Base  Width (Printed) Weight (Unprinted) Composition
PF 1001 Matt - FLEX 145 cms 190 g/m² 82% Polyester 
18% Lycra

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Printing with Friedmans comes with great flexibility for our customers. We offer a choice of print bases to suit a range of purposes; each base has unique properties and features. Furthermore digital prints can be customised to suit each individual taste, whether it be colour or scale or another element, we can work with you to change and make a print completely exclusive. Contact us to learn more.

1 mtr = 1.0936 yards

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Care Instructions

Washing Instructions

Hand Wash using cold water. Do not use detergent, do not scrub and do not soak.

Although most fabrics will perform to a higher standard we recommend customers perform their own tests.

Fabric Base Guide

Not all print designs are available on all print bases. 

Samples are typically available for printed Flex. Where a sample is required on an alternative base; a sample of printed flex may be sent together with an unprinted sample of the alternative base.

Print Base Options

Width (Printed)
Weight (Unprinted)
PF 1001 Matt - FLEX 145 cms 190 g/m²


82% Polyester 
18% Lycra

Our most popular print base, an all-rounder in performance and quality.  190gms in weight so suitable for most disciplines. 18% Xtralife lycra allows freedom of movement for your comfort. Flex has a matt finish allowing our prints maximum vibrancy. It will flexcite !


PF 1003 Matt - TITAN 145 cms 250 g/m²

87% Polyester 
13% Lycra

A heavier weight print base option for when discretion is fundamental. This base has a lower elastane content than our regular Flex base allowing for a firmer stretch to give great support. Titan also offers branded xtralife lycra and excellent shape retention. A perfect fit solution !


PF 1005 Matt - NET 145 cms 115 g/m²

83% Polyester 
17% Spandex

A light weight net that offers good stretch and a floaty drape. A Subtle base that offers additional versatility to our  base options.


PF 1007 Matt - VELVET 145 cms 190 g/m²

90% Polyester 
10% Spandex 

A luxurious print base. Colours appear deeper and richer. The smooth velvet feels great against the skin.



Technical Specification details prior to a print or foil application.

Please note due to the numerous different Industries we supply, we cannot perform tests to everyone’s requirement therefore we strongly recommend you carry out your own tests

To improve our products, we reserve to modify these, as and when necessary.

Copyright © 2010-2015 Friedmans Ltd. All rights reserved. All digital print designs are designed or edited by Friedmans in the UK for exclusive use by Friedmans / Funki Fabrics. No design or part thereof can be reproduced, on any media, without the express permission of Friedmans Ltd.


Minimum Order Policy

What is Friedmans Minimum Order Policy?


To qualify for a wholesale account and benefit from preferential prices you will be asked upon account registration to accept our miniumum order policy, which is 5 x 10mtr assorted items or 20mtrs of a single item. Any orders placed for less than the agreed values may not be accepted. 


If you are unable to meet the wholesale minimum order requirements you are still able to purchase our fabulous fabrics through  who stock a large selection of our designs and offer these from as little as 0.50cms.